Mighty Prayer for Our Times

wild ox

Untamed. Authoritative prayer for culture, society, and the nations.

Will you answer the call?

Co-Agency with King Jesus

Designed for Dominion

God is restoring Higher Design. It starts here in us and flows into the New Heavens & New Earth to come.

Anointed Kings & Priests

Christ-Followers comprise a "Royal Priesthood," infused with Royal Authority. We partner with the Creator.

For Culture, Society, Nations

Jesus said the Ekklesia (Church) is a "House of Prayer for All Nations." We are strong Kingdom Influence.

“My horn You have exalted like a wild ox; I have been anointed with fresh oil.” Psalm 92:10

Recent Episodes

Prayer Dynamic: becoming a Kingdom Emissary. Then we pray that God will flush the wicked out of leadership and influence.

faith it forward

Prayer Dynamic: the gift of "faithing" it forward in the face of ambiguity. Then we pray that we would leverage ambiguity and faith.

Prayer Dynamic: the power of clapping our hands and shouting to the Lord. We pray for the well of American DNA to spring up!

Wild Ox Prayer Podcast

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