Prayer Dynamic: becoming a Kingdom Emissary. Then we pray that God will flush the wicked out of leadership and influence.

faith it forward

Prayer Dynamic: the gift of "faithing" it forward in the face of ambiguity. Then we pray that we would leverage ambiguity and faith.

Prayer Dynamic: the power of clapping our hands and shouting to the Lord. We pray for the well of American DNA to spring up!

Prayer Dynamic: our powerful partnership with the Holy Spirit. We pray together against the Great Reset and the New World Order.

Prayer Dynamic: we underscore the legal nature of prayer. We pray over a convergence of God activity in societies.

Prayer Dynamic: our powerful spiritual weapons. We update our prayer together for a Kingdom Reset in Ukraine.

Prayer Dynamic: Kingdom Logic and Language. We pray for renewed consecration over our life domains.

Prayer Dynamic: our Imperial Authority in Christ. We pray about Disney dramatically reimagining kids' gender and sexuality.

Prayer Dynamic: changing the conversation in prayer can reset things. We pray about the nations feeling their way toward God (Acts 17).

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