The Power of Deep Repentance (Ep 3)

In this episode, we pray for the white hot light of Christ tIn this episode, we pray for the grace of a deep, clear repentance. It’s a gift! Repentance is coming to a place where we agree with God about things. We can always be open to aligning with the Creator more accurately. It’s for our personal good and the good of God’s Higher Design.

Welcome to the Wild Ox Prayer podcast — tight episodes, about 10 mins or less. You’ll have to listen to appreciate the name!

Pray with me. Each episode highlights a fresh Kingdom Prayer Dynamic. And then we activate a prayer edge in culture, society, and the nations.

Psalm 92.10 — “My horn (symbol of strength and warfare) You have exalted like a wild ox; I have been anointed with fresh oil.” 

Wild Ox prayer. Untamed, mighty prayer for culture, society, and the nations. For notes and more, watch for going live soon.

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